Hi, my name is Margarita,

I’m an artist and creator, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic

Since childhood I was inspired by the world around me, and channeled my love to the beauty  of the universe through my art.

My passion for seascapes and nature painting  was growing bigger, supported by my travels, expansion of my knowledge about the planet around me,  learning new techniques, using new materials..

I believe that our world is magic (sometimes literally), so you can find some fantasy illustrations here as well.

My favorite art medium at this point of my life is watercolor, it can teach me a lot about the synergy between my tools and me, it teaches me to feel materials, to be patient and think a step ahead.

You cannot master the watercolor, you need to feel it, and work together with it and then maybe it will bring you every result you are looking for.

I’m very glad to see you at my website, and I hope you will enjoy the experience.